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Buy Do it tomorrow in pakistan online
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Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management


“To complain about a shortage of time is like a fish in the sea complaining that it has a shortage of water.” This is how Mark Foster starts his book. He explains how you can work with much less stress.

Mark Forster’s Do it Tomorrow and Other Secrets is filled with common-sense advice and real-world problems with solutions.

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Aimed at those who have trouble completing assignments on time as well as anyone looking to lead a well-organized life, this innovative handbook takes a unique approach to time management. Efficiency expert Mark Forster shows that prioritizing tasks is never a sufficient approach to organizing a schedule, and is rarely even helpful. In the place of prioritization he posits several radical new ideas, including closed lists, the manyana principle, and the ‘will do&’ list. Innovative forms of communication that are designed to produce effective conversation and planning are also provided. The result is a complete system which will boost efficiency and simultaneously decrease stress and overworking.


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