my grammar and i in pakistan
my grammar and i in pakistan
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My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be ‘Me’?) : Old-School Ways to Sharpen Your English


My Grammar and I offers amusing examples of awful grammar, while steering you in the direction of grammatical greatness. Taking you on a tour of the English language through the minefield of rules and conditions that can catch you out, from dangling modifiers to split infinitives, it highlights the common pitfalls that every English language user faces on a day to day basis.

Refreshing everything you should have learnt at school and more, My Grammar and I is informative yet entertaining – an ideal buy for any English language enthusiast.

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My Grammar and I Online

Can you tell when a sentence contains more cliches than you’ve had hot dinners? Is a preposition necessarily a bad thing to end a sentence with? Are you able to immediately spot a split infinitive?

Whether your schooling in English grammar amounted to ‘a verb is a doing word and a noun is a naming word’, or whether you simply want to brush up your existing skills, this wittily observed book is guaranteed to enlighten and entertain.

‘,,, will do for grammar what ‘Eats, Shoots and Leaves’ did for punctuation.’ – The Times


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Caroline Taggart,

J. A. Wines