Principle Centered Leadership
Principle Centered Leadership
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Principle Centered Leadership


How do we as individuals and organizations survive and thrive amid tremendous change? Why are efforts to improve falling so short in real results despite the millions of dollars in time, capital, and human effort being spent on them? How do we unleash the creativity, talent, and energy within ourselves and others in the midst of pressure? Is it realistic to believe that balance among personal, family, and professional life is possible?
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PRINCIPLE CENTRED LEADERSHIP will help solve these dilemmas – and many others:* how do we achieve a wise and renewing balance between work and family in the midst of constant pressures and crises?* how do we unleash the creativity, talent and energy of the vast majority of the work force, whose jobs neither require nor reward such resources?* how can we have a culture characterised by change, flexibility and continuous improvement and still maintain a sense of stability and security?* how do we create team spirit and harmony among people and departments that have been criticising and attacking each other for years?* how do we get people and culture aligned with strategy, so that everyone in an organisation is as committed to the strategy as those who formulated it?

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